Prophetic Leadership Linguistics

Do you understand the power of getting into the leadership conversation with others? What language are you speaking in your communication? Did you know that leaders are future creators? Did you know that only adults can do well at leading? Are you very emotional as a leader? Well… This transformative intense 4 hour leadership technology will not only equip you as a leader but empower you to get into leadership conversations that will empower yourself and those that follow you. You will learn transformative strategies that will give you insight in creating a desired result future for yourself, ministry, organization, & others. TRANSFORMATIVE SESSIONS: -The leadership conversation & language – The secret of adulthood -The science of creating a intended future for yourself and organization – The art of casting vision  -How to create your vision and manifest it  …and so much more  Location: 705 Bradfield Rd. Houston, TX, 77060 Time: 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Registration $77.00  A certificate will be given once the training is complete. Our passion is to awaken the leader within each person we encounter & to shift present leaders into a greater transformation within themselves as they evolve into becoming great leaders. Our focus is to see leaders lead powerfully, to see emerging leaders become great leaders, & to see organizations accomplish projects that will empower humanity.