Professional Gratitude – Wellness challenge

ASDA’s monthly Wellness Challenges invite you to change or take on a behavior in a way that will positively affect your well-being. The June challenge focuses on improving your occupational well-being by cultivating professional relationships. Giving and receiving thanks in a professional environment, like dental school, is an important factor in boosting occupational wellness. You’ll likely end up spending more time per week with colleagues than you do with family, so cultivating those relationships is essential. This month’s challenge is to think about the people who have a positive impact on your career path, and acknowledge their contribution to your occupational wellness. Maybe a faculty member stepped in with guidance when you struggled in clinic. Or a fellow student noticed you’ve been having a hard time and offered an encouraging word. Maybe a mentor wrote you a sparkling letter of recommendation. All of these situations are reminders that you won’t find professional success alone, and that it’s important to thank the people who are giving you a hand along the way. Think about three people who have played a role in your success in the past year. Then, send them a handwritten note that lets them know what they did and what it means to you. Step 1: RSVP to this event to indicate you’re taking the challenge. Step 2: Send three handwritten thank-you notes to people in your network who have helped you find success this year. Step 3: Share your experiences on social media with #BeWellASDA. | Contact | Privacy | Terms