Print and Sew, Create an Eco Printed Japanese Apron, onli…

Spend two days with me on zoom recycling some cotton fabric with an Eco Print and make a gorgeous Japanese cross back apron

About this Event

This workshop sets up the ultimate creative challenge for wanabee Eco Printers and Stitchers…. In two days over the Zoom platform, you from your home will join me in my Glasgow based studio to recycle an old bed linen or piece of fabric into a gorgeous Eco Printed cross back Japanese Apron.

This workshop is not strictly for beginners unless you are very ambitious… It would help to have some experience in Eco Printing and in Sewing. You dont need to be a Sewing diva but you need very basic sewing knowledge and a sewing machine.

As this workshop is on Zoom you will need a lap top or tablet to take part in the streaming sessions both on the Saturday and the Sunday…

You will be sent instruction on how to select and prepare your material and a FREE pattern for the multi-size Apron to keep.

On day one you will learn how to Eco Print on large pieces of cloth with your local leaves. You will also learn how to secure the print on your cloth and how to wash it and neutralise any mordants. We will have a 2 hours session on Zoom and an optional further hour session to catch up with your unbundling.

On day two you will cut the pieces of the apron and learn to ***** this very simple, stunning and really practical cross back apron. By the end of day two you should be able to wear your apron… and make more… We will have a 3 hours session.

There will be the option of a show and tell a few days later so we can all show off our aprons.

You do not have to recycle bed linen if you do not have one at hand. I will also give you guidance to purchase cloth if need be.

You will be sent a PDF after the workshop to resume the two techniques you have learned over the week end.

UK participants will receive a starter pack with mordants, pattern

Overseas participants will receive a list of material and suggestion for supplies

I am an Eco Upcycler based in Glasgow and I work with Eco Printing and Natural dyes and I focus in reusing material in my quest for a zerowaste sustainable practise.