Pottery course in Brussels – TUES 18h00 – 20h00

POTTERY AND CERAMICS COURSES 2019-2020 Ceramics is the art of shaping the clay into something precious to you and trusting the fire will make it strong and useful. It allows you to work with your hands and to free your mind and spirit, as well as holding or giving as presents objects coming out of your creativity, your hands and your heart. Whether you are an experienced potter, or you are approaching the clay for the first time, you are most welcome to join the my pottery classes, held in English. During the course you will: –          Learn how to hand build ceramics objects using the techniques of Columbine – Pinch – Slab etc. –          Use of basic instruments, colours and glazes, which are provided.  –          Be provided with personal space where to store your work and to keep your personal material (if you choose to bring some). –          Enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere in a small group (max 5 participants). –          Participate to 1 outing per cycle at the pottery shop to help you buy what you might need. –          Have fun in 1 end of the cycle party to which you can invite your family and friends to celebrate your work of the past 3 months and plan your future pottery steps.   15 TUESDAY evenings for the price of 12 . When: every tursday in sept-oct-nov and dec 2019, except for 29th oct, 24rd annd 31 december.  18h00 – 21h00  The pottery courses are held in Auderghem (rue du Villageois) and are held every Tuesday night. Each lesson lasts 2 h, and you will have the option to stay on for one more hour in your own, if you so wish to finish up your work. The course will NOT cover: –          Clay. Clay can vary in colours, texture, resistance to fire and…. price! So you choose what you prefer the most. I have clay available for you to buy, or you can bring your own.  –          The cost of baking of your pieces. You can produce a very little precise vase that takes you the 10 lessons, or 251 similar big ones … The cost of baking depends therefore on your style of pottery… For a small piece (the size of a mug) it will cost you 2€. If you take all the oven 60€. And everything in between… The choice is yours –           Any specific colours or tools you might like to use, different from the ones I am going to provide.  It is important you feel free to express your self with ceramics, there are sooooo many different possibilities and my approach is to be flexible and to help you to do what is meaningful for you. If you have ideas you want to develop, please bring them along. Be ready to proceed step by step and you will get to the sky.  For any further info do not hesitate to contact me 0485 61 62 47.     FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Your answer goes here     FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?  The course is intended to motivated and ****** participants. If you fit in this category, you are welcome, whether you are 9 or 99!   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? via email epsiloc@gmail.com or phone 0485616247 What’s the refund policy? You will have a refund up to the end of the first lesson you are participating in.   Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No need for it   Verwijderen of bijwerken evenement