«PLEASE HELP me to help these precious, unwanted souls!»

I have created this event in the hope that some very kind-hearted people will help me to help these homeless street animals whom I care for deeply. I feed them when I have the money to do so, and I give them de-worming tablets and mange treatment. There are homeless street dogs, dumped here by heartless people, who hang around the garbage bins and lock-up garages around the back of the block of flats where I live with my extended family. There are also a number of very frightened, semi-feral cats who rummage through the garbage for edible bits. I love ALL of these homeless cats and dogs, and I want to be able to feed them properly every single day. I stroke the cats who are not too frightened of humans, and I play with the dogs. My neighbours hate all these cats and dogs. Only a few days ago, one of my beloved «outside dogs» was poisoned. I found him dead, with foam around his mouth. A long term strategy is to catch the cats, one by one, and take them by bus into the city where the vet is, in order to have them sterilized. The dogs are more of a problem as I am not allowed to take them on the bus and I have NO access to a car. Every so often, I rescue an abandoned kitten or two, as I did Lucky and later on Courage, and I take them home to our flat. It is very hard for me to feed them properly with quality foods and to give them all the vitamins and other things they need (such as cat litter) as I have very little money and pet supplies are expensive in Romania. So, I am asking for your donations, from the bottom of my heart, for these unwanted animals. I welcome ANY donation, small or large, as well as toys, small blankets and pet beds and other similar items.

Paypal: mihaela_marya28@yahoo.ro

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