Plan Your Year, Plan Your Life | Self-Coaching Workshop

Would you like to learn and implement the annual goal setting & monitoring process I have been developing since 2010 to go from broke, in chronic pain and depressed to having successfully run my own business, pain free, and living more fulfilled than ever before?If so you definitely want to make it to our official «Plan Your Year, Plan Your Life» event!This workshop has been designed over the past 9 years as I have continually been refining my annual and quarterly goal setting and monitoring process so this will be great for for those new to the concept of life coaching/self-coaching and experienced coaches/practitioners as well.  For a fraction of the investment you can learn the process I use with myself and some of my clients to directionalize your life, monitor your progress, and greatly improve your chances of success.In this workshop you will:* Complete a written 5 year vision, annual vision, annual goals, quarterly outcome setting and monitoring system, AND the 2 assessments I use quarterly to track my progress.*Experience NLP processes for enhanced intentionality, enhanced goal achievement, and blowing out excuses.*Set a regular goal setting schedule for consistently measuring your progress and refining your ability to make your dreams into realities (plus coach others to do the same).*And as a bonus of course you will connect with like minded people in an event structured for learning, connecting and growing.As with all of my training experiences prepare to get hands on experience. We will focus on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING that you will be able to immediately implement and bring with you into your daily life.We have limited seating so be sure to RSVP to guarantee your space. I am expecting some of my former students and other local South Florida NLPers so be prepared to make some great connections :)To your highest and best,Jason SchneiderFounder of if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you there!