Patang Tarka

Visit our Basant Festival for a kite flying & shopping experience and get amazing bargains. Get access to fabulous products !!!! ‘Indigo Event Designers’ not only celebrates Basant but also brings the creative talents to the fore-front. Basant & Spring Gala 2016 is open and available to all participants. We are welcoming all attractions/small businesses ranging from Designers, Jewellery, Handbags, Bakers and Confectioners, Hair, Nail-Art and Beauticians, Cosmetics, Perfume, Arts and Activity, Leather Goods, Wedding Accessories, Bed sheet Linen, Carpet and Furniture, Food Stalls and much more! Activities Plan for ‘Basant Tarka 2016’ are: * Kite Flying * DJ Music * Street Performers * Kids Zone * Games * A Grand Musical Show * Bon fire * Flying Lanterns * Dhol Wala with chimta * Dancing horses * Surprise Gifs * Jumping Castle * Fire Breathers

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