Panel 1 – Welcome, Keynote 1 and Climate Action

9:30-10:00 – Welcome AddressAlexandre Gajevic Sayegh (Political Science, Université Laval) – A Just Green Economy Transition: The Green Robin Hood 10:00-11:00 Keynote Address 1: Cross-Party CollaborationsCan political parties in Canada do anything together to address the climate crisis? What would post-partisan cooperation look like? How can this message be conveyed to the population? Can climate policy generate support that will cut across party lines in Canada? Thomas Mulcair (Political Science, Université de Montréal) – Political Priorities and Climate: Partisanship or Posterity?
 11:00-12:20 Climate Action: Climate Action Two speakers (30 minutes + 20 minutes Q and A)Is Canada a ‘thuggish petro state’? How can the social and political opposition to hydrocarbons best be channeled? How can the rigidity of demand for oil be tackled?  Pierre-Olivier Pineau (Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC) – Is Oil Project Opposition an Effective Climate Action?  Greg Mikkelson (School of Environment, McGill University) – A Leisurely Transition to Life without Fossil Fuel Uklanjanje ili ažurirati događaj