Paint Your Colleague (BYO)

Most people plan the same cliché office Christmas parties year after year, but you’re not like most people. You think outside the box and always impress! Here’s a great, creative idea… Treat your team to a ‘Paint your Colleague’ painting party! Paint your colleagues and let them paint you. What a great way to encourage creativity, team bonding and fun – no art experience required! Show the whole crew, the best office party they’ve ever seen!  And the cherry on top? We’ve set aside our favourite BYO studio to cater for small groups just like yours who want to have a different kind of fun this year. Why choose an art-based activity for your end of the year event? Our team building events: Spark creativity, teamwork and fun Boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing Build stronger team relationships Encourage team bonding through fun Relieve stress and set the mood to end the year on a high note. Experience all of that with your wonderful team and it will surely be an event to remember!