«Own Your Niche – Intentional Branding!» 3 Hours CE Duluth

                                           Own Your Niche – Intentional Branding3 Hours CE Credit – 55+ Realty Advisor Specialist requirement!  Real Estate practitioners provide housing solutions for buyers, sellers and tenants serving niche services to a group of people, communities and market segments. Today’s consumers are savvier, more informed, and better connected than ever before. They share information, express their opinions, and influence one another’s decisions in ways that traditional means of advertising and marketing can’t comprehend or market to effectively.   To succeed, real estate practitioners must be adaptable and their services constructed around the lives of consumers as subject matter experts specializing in a specific housing product/service.   Niche brand building will take a concerted effort. You must focus your mind on the needs and wants of your targeted market.   Frame your Brand – While planning your niche brand, you must keep in mind some important things about your business. These are:   Who is your target client, prospect, or customer? How will you be introduced to or approach these people? What are their biggest burdens and the problems they ****? How do you intend to affect these and/or how can you solve their housing problems? What makes your offer better than your competitor’s? The main purpose of niche brand building is creating a lasting impression on your target market. Building a brand while focusing on your niche does take some time. However, given effort and focus, it will develop you as a name in your niche. Soon, those in your target niche market will recognize you.  My CE Class, LLC #5914 | Expires 12/31/20 | In-class Course, Continuing Education    404-550-0775 | classeswithCathy@gmail.com |