Organize your Service and Up your Sales Game!

Sales is service.  One of the most important things in sales is providing great service.  And excellent service requires time, a precise plan and a lot on the “back end”.  This presentation will address time management, organization and processes that connect you with clients, your team members and anyone you need to communicate and work beside. Through Google services (many of them at no charge) you can stay connected, informed and on the same page with everyone while closing more deals and serving more clients on the go.  Level up your technology acumen and learn how you can automate your scheduling, keep others informed and on the same page and present a well organized, updated way of doing business to your clients and associates. Pick up at least three specific methods that will up your game!  Learn to be innovative and lean in your processes. The strategies shared will give you “back” more time to convert potential customers into advocates for you and your business. This is an interactive learning presentation.  If you choose, you may bring your laptop, ipad or use your phone to access and activate new tools right at lunch!  When you register for lunch you can also create an “ask” prior to the luncheon to request to learn a specific area of Google that you are interested in understanding. Shari Pheasant, the queen of horsepower, aligns teams, inspired positive change and guides leaders to greatness.  Her dedication to empowering women and leaders has been a driving force in her career and life. At a very young age Shari found herself alone in the foster care system.  After reading Zig Ziglar at 15 she took charge of her life and has become a recognized award winning business expert and leadership trainer across the nation. In 2019 Shari facilitated the inaugural Women’s Leadership & Legacy retreat at Lake Tahoe as a part of a 10-year plan to engage and dig in with women to strengthen and define their leadership styles.  She also owns A Master Mechanic with her husband Jeff and brings teams to her barn for Barn Boot camp during the summer months. How can she get this all done?  She stays organized and vigilant about using the connected innovative programs to stay on the front edge with her clients and in her business.  She enjoys sharing what she has learned with others, especially women in business.