Open Gym – Monday 5th August. 4:00-5:30

Open Gym These are unstructured sessions where coaches will be on hand on request to assist you with practicing existing or working on new skills. This session is not suitable for beginners.  Please note, once you are checked into this session and come into the gym, there is no front of house open during this time for guests/parents to wait. At the end of the session, the coach will unlock the door for attendees to leave/be collected.  We ask that you bring a bottle of water, all jewellery is removed or taped up, hair is out of the ****, you wear comfortable, sporting clothes and bare feet or cheer shoes. Due to the positive and relaxed culture at Brave, we implement a closed session policy. We find this helps participants to feel at ease and confident to step outside their comfort zone to progress. Please use the parking bays provided to the side and back of the premises, depending on the time of day there may also be roadside parking.