Much Ado About Nothing

ShakespeareMQ Presents Much Ado About Nothing The Governor of Messina, Leonato, is honoured to welcome visiting royalty: Her Highness Donna Peta of Aragon. Joining her is the Countess Claudia, renowned war hero and closeted romantic, who rekindles her affections with the Governor’s daughter, Hero. Their comrade in arms, Seignior Benedick, an arrogant and unapologetic bachelor, immediately resumes his war of wit with the Governor’s niece, Beatrice. Lurking in the corner is Don John, Donna Peta’s bitterly jealous ******* brother, who will stop at nothing to cause trouble for his half-sister. As a wedding dawns the battle lines are drawn up and the four lovers are thrown into turmoil. What ensues thereafter serves as a timeless message of the dangers of making much ado about nothing. Staring: Beatrice: Lakia Lyons Hero: Rachel Drubetsky Benedick: Jim Southwell Claudia: Imogen King Donna peta: Georgia Buley Don John: Joe Walsh Leonarto: Thomas Southwell Dogberry: Greta Quealy Borachio: Eloi Herlemann Sexton & Margret: Laura Chudd-Chudysnki Conrade: Andrew Fallon Annetta: Georgia Drinan Ursala: Emily Wilkenson Verges: Jess Orchard Friar Frances & Officer Seacol: Rebecca Ciclovan First officer: David Wotherspoon

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