MTS Presents: Next to Normal

UNSW MTS is proud to present its second show for 2016: Next to Normal Dad’s an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens, appearing to be a typical American family. And yet their lives are anything but normal, because the mother has been battling manic depression for 16 years. Winner of three 2009 Tonys, including Best Musical Score, and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize. On in Studio One at UNSW from 31st May – 4th June

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CAST: Diana: Sinead Cristaudo Dan: Nic Savage Gabe: Cameron Woodhouse Natalie: Liz Cooper Henry: Ethan Taylor Dr. Fine & Dr. Madden: Tash Atkins PRODUCTION TEAM: Producer: Matt McEwen Director: Debbie Zhou Music Director: Harry Collins

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Stage Manager: Hannah Ward Set / Props Designer: Rebecca Spillane Costume Designer: Katie Spencer Graphic Designer: Claire Cao Publicity Manager: Emily Edgar Front of House Manager: Heloise Twomey BAND: Violin: Daniel Parkee Cello: Wendy Brawley Guitar: Eamon Feeney Bass: Luke ****** Percussion: Stuart Rynn Piano: Harry Collins | Contact | Privacy | Terms