Modern Model Magazine visits Lavender Labyrinth

(Photo courtesy Cherry Point Farm and Market) Join Moderrn Model Magazine as we wind our way through the colorful lavendar labyrinth in Shelby Michigan. We will be announcing three lead models for this event. In addition to the outfits that lead models select and bring, lead models will also be wearing dresses purchased and provided specifically for this event. NOTE: This event has been rescheduled to the second week in July, as Lavender does not bloom in Michigan (Zone 5) until late June. Registration for photographers and other models (attending as tfp models) will be $10. While it is free to visit the labyrinth, the registration cost will include support with portable lighting and reflectors (some speedlite kits will be available), portable changing tents for models, and light beverages and snacks (if allowed). This will be a general fashion event, with models recommended to bring three outfits including two casual outfits (t-shirt/jeans); and one spring dress outfit (please remember that the more you bring, the more you have to carry, so models should be selective and bring only the outfits needed). Selected photographs from this shoot will be featured in a future edition of Modern Model Magazine. () I will be pre-visiting this location in March and will provide more location information, including an estimation of the time and difficulty negotiating the maze), appropriate weather (whether boots or other clothing will be necessary because of ground conditions), and current photos (even though the photos will be off season, as the lavender does not reach peak blossom until Spring). This event is being announced well in advance to allow photographers and models to plan their attendance, and more details will be provided as they develop. | Contact | Privacy | Terms