MixxedFit Workshop 101: Arlington, TX

We believe workouts should be fun, easy and effective for everyone! That is why we created MixxedFit®! MixxedFit® is a people inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and boot-camp toning. We dance to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites with repetitive and easy to follow dance steps. Whether you are nine or ninety nine — this day was created for you! An overview of Workshop 101: During WS101, your MixxedFit® National Trainer will take you through what MixxedFit® is, why we believe it in, why we are people inspired and and why it’s more than a dance fitness format — it’s a movement! There will be a Master Class to kick off the workshop, so you can get warmed up! This is a great time to just get lost in the music and have a great time! After Master Class, we will get into technique, explosiveness, and form! During WS101, your National Trainer will break down all the basic moves such as “The Body Roll”, “The Booty Pop”, and “The Pump” while giving you tips on what you can do to replicate it in the classroom and on stage if you wish to become a Licensed MixxedFit® Instructor one day. » This is not just a day to become a MixxedFit® Instructor! « This is a place where everyone is welcome to learn more about MixxedFit®!! You can do MixxedFit® no matter what your current fitness level is — whether you do cardio every day and get your Beyonce on — or you’ve been sitting on your couch for the last ten years. We got you! This is a great chance to learn everything you need to know about MixxedFit® while getting an awesome workout at the same time! Whether you are a brand new student or a current student looking to perfect your moves, MixxedFit® Workshop 101 is the place to be! We can’t wait to dance with you! ** FAQ (that we receive in the MF Inbox): 1. How do I register? Register at ! 2. I see everybody wearing MixxedFit® shirts! Where can I get one?! At the MixxedFit® Store! We encourage you to purchase at least one, but possibly even two because you are definitely going to get sweaty (plus you need one for selfies!) Order the day you register for Workshop 101, so you are sure to get it in time! 🙂 3. I’m really nervous! Will I be licensed to teach MixxedFit® before the Workshop 101 is over? Don’t be nervous! At MixxedFit® we are family! You will know before you leave if you can join the Instructor Licensing program! The licensing program is an awesome thing to have even if you don’t want to teach! It will give you a first look at MixxedFit® Choreography, coming straight from the MixxedFit® Corporate Office plus tons of materials to use on social media so everyone knows you’re a MixxedFit® Addict! You also get great discounts to use for all of that MixxedFit® swag you know you want to get! 🙂 4. What should I bring? You will get an email – ONE WEEK – before Workshop 101 that tells you everything! Be sure to check your spam folder! If you haven’t received your email, do not panic! Simply email customersupport[at]mixxedfit.com! 5. What if I don’t want to audition? I just want to come for fun! Well come on then! 🙂 We would love to have you! This Workshop 101 day is a perfect day for ALL MIXXEDFITS! If you love a great workout — this day is for you! Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms