Mindful Eating Workshop & Mini Meditation (with doughnuts!)

Learn how to bring more awareness to the food you eat and your eating experience in this 1 1/2 hour workshop. In this workshop we will explore – What is mindful eating?- Can you lose weight from eating mindfully?- Areas you would like to improve in your relationship with food.- How to eat mindfully – with a practical exercise involving doughnotts!- mini meditation to get you started on the right track with mindful eating  What participants in this previously sold out workshop have said:»Rachel’s workshop was laid back and easy to digest the information that she spoke about. Just attending the for 1 hour has made a difference to how I eat.”»I have always struggled with eating habits (diets, weightwatchers, calorie counting) and wanted to find more out about relaxing my mind, enjoying food and not feeling guilty if I eat something that isn’t necessarily ‘healthy’. The workshop gave me an insight into mindful eating and what it means to take time and appreciate your food. » Included in the ticket price- 1 drink on arrival- 3 mini Doughnotts (vegan option available)- 1 hour workshop and group Q&A with Rachel Evans (specialist in the psychology of eating)- mini meditation to connect with your inner mindful eater- time for networking with the group and/or 1-1 Q&A with Rachel Want to know which workshop is for you?  Answer these questions with YES or NO 1. When food comes up in conversion, do you want to eat even in you’re not hungry? 2. Do you have trouble controlling what you eat when your favourite food is in the house?3. If someone offered you a food you like, do you have trouble saying no even if you’re not hungry?4. Do you swing between feeling starving and overly full; you find it hard to connect to your hunger signals? If you answered YES to most of these questions then the Mindful Eating workshop is for you. Or if you feel like you have a good relationship with food but are curious to know more about mindful eating and the benefits then come along. LIMITED SPACED. PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIALTicket sales end when sold out or on the 3rd October at 12 noon. If you have an intolerance/ allergy or a diagnosed eating disorder then please email me before you book a ticket as this workshop may not be suitable for you (healthyandpsyched@gmail.com).