Mind Lab Workshop

DISCOVER THE KEYS TO LESS STRESS, GETTING UNSTUCK, AND TURNED ON. Do you find your day often consumed by stress, worry and fear, with feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and tiredness? Do you feel like your motivation, inspiration, mojo, your ON-ness has been replaced with living in standby. Have you stopped living the life you really want. The life you had planned? Do you wake in the morning, not wanting to get in to your day, without a clear sense of purpose and direction?Do you often find yourself consumed by worry, fear and doubt?Do you feel stuck in life, and want your days to be filled with more moments of being turned ON? Answered YES? This workshop is for you. In this exciting workshop we will unlock the roadblocks that sometimes stop you having the health, wealth and happiness that you want. You will understand how your mind works. You will be able to make better decisions, take more action, feel more fulfilled and energised, because your life, is best lived ON! Unleash your greatness, book your seat today.