Milk: Chemistry and Latte Art – Counter Culture Asheville

There are many variables that affect the quality and state of the milk we use behind the bar. Understanding this chemistry will give baristas a critical angle when preparing milk-based beverages. Analysis and discussion of milk safety and handling, dairy size and type, sourcing milk for the cafe, and comparative tastings of milk are followed by clear and concise demonstrations and exercises aimed to help baristas pour delicious and deliberate latte art. Milk: Chemistry and Latte Art is most effective for the barista who has already mastered the technique of steaming milk to the appropriate temperature and texture.  This course is an advanced part of the Professional Development program we offer exclusively to our wholesale partners. If you are a wholesale partner and are unsure how to register, please reach out to your local rep. Baristas must have passed the Practical Advancement Test in order to register for this course.  If you are not a wholesale partner but would like to learn more about espresso and milk steaming, please join us for our next Espresso at Home course!