Microsoft Access Introduction – 2 Day Course – Brisbane

This course is ideal for This course has been developed for people wanting to create a simple database to enter and extract data, and create reports. What you will learn Create a new database Define and edit tables Add, edit and search for data Query the data in related tables Use criteria to customise a query and create a calculated field Create professional reports and data input forms Topics covered in this training course Access overview Database components Relational database design Understand database design Plan the database Define tables Define fields Determine relationships Building a database Create a database shell Name conventions Database file formats (.mdb, .accdb) Creating a table Design view Create fields Field data types Primary key Save a table Table views Basic field properties Field size property Format property Decimal places property Caption property Default value property Required property Indexed property Adding records Modifying tables Move columns Rename a field Freeze columns Add a field Working with records Filtering Sorting Delete records Modify a record Find and replace text Importing data Import a spreadsheet into table Lookup fields Create a lookup field Link to an existing table Create a value list View subdatasheets Create table relationships Forms Create an AutoForm Create a Wizard form Add fields to form Add records on form Form layout view Modify form fonts Modify form colours Control padding Control anchoring Setting basic form and control properties Modify form element placement Tabbed interface Navigation forms Queries Create a simple query Add a table Add fields Sort results View query result Save a query Modify a query Use query wizard Query criteria Typing criteria Use like Use wildcards Use operators Between operator Multiple criteria Hiding fields Simple query calculations Add a simple expression Export query results to Excel Print query results Reports Create an AutoReport Preview report results Report layout view Modify report fonts Modify report colours Modify report placement Create wizard report Report design view Report header/footer Print reports to PDF