Meet: Pastore Brewing & Blending

Brand new brewery Pastore have just finished creating their brewing paradise in a fabulous unit in Waterbeach, and we’re very excited to be among the first to try their first brews on the new kit. We will have at least two beers on tap, and Chris and Ben will be here to chat all things sour beer. NOTE: This ticket is for a relatively organised talk/ brewer Q&A held in our Den at 7pm. The beers will be available to buy and drink in the bar and all weekend without a ticket. Ticket doesn’t include any beer/tasters. Pastore Brewing and Blending focus on mixed fermentation sour and wild beers. Father and son team Chris and Ben Shepherd started up the brewery in Waterbeach earlier this year choosing thename Pastore (Italian for Shepherd) in honour of their Italian family. The first phase of beers comingout the project will be Fresh Sours – fruited Berliner Weisse style beers and sour IPAs. The secondphase of beers will be sitting and ageing in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels for later blends andreleases.