Meet & Munch Love Curry Intro Event

Hey Curry Lovers There’s been such great interest in the Love Curry Classes on the Gold Coast hence a meet and greet event is called for. Join us on Saturday, 26th Oct 2019 for a fun,social Meet and Munch event. All things Love Curry Classes will be explained. Deb Kelly will be joining in to showcase the magical things you can do with the new TM6 Thermomix! Gift bags include:- $50 voucher for x1 additional participant in any booked and paid for Group class.- Incense sticks- Hangover fix curry recipe Complimentary Chai tea, authentic South African samoosas and chili **** snacks will be served. Curry Spice Packs will be available for purchase. If you are a women in business, bring along your business cards or flyers and network. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Please help in making this a successful one by sharing with your friends and family. Love & LightSharm