Mate to Manager

‘Can we still be mates?’ For people moving into a leadership role for the first time, the reality of managing your mates can be a challenge.  How do you coach and develop individuals?  How do you have a difficult conversation?  How do you address performance issues?  How do you inspire, set goals and build a great team? That’s why we developed mate2Manager. It’s a practical, informative program that’s designed to help first-time managers navigate the transition from mate to manager.  What’s included? How do you transition from ‘I’ to ‘we’, from follower to leader? In mate2Manager participants gain an understanding of the challenges of moving from one of the team to the person in charge and how to respond appropriately!  mate2Manager includes: Activities to help participants focus on the challenges ahead Real stories from people who understand because they’ve been there Tips for forming new peer networks and reframing relationships with team members Practical tips for leading people, tasks and performance Development of an Action Plan to bring the lessons of the workshop back to the workplace. Who should attend?  The course is ideal for anybody moving up into a leadership role or who will be managing a team for the first time. mate2Manager helps participants build confidence and competency in the critical leadership skills needed to be an effective manager.