Manifesting With Your Higher Self Workshop

WELCOME TO MANIFESTING WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF WORKSHOP! A ROADMAP TO HELP YOU GET CRYSTAL CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE WANTING TO ATTRACT INTO YOUR LIFE AND TRUSTING THAT YOUR YOUR INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM WILL HELP YOU GET THERE. This class is for busy moms who are interested in personal growth.You are goal oriented, you love to serve others and you want to make an impact.You feel called to be and do more but not sure where to start. The first step is to understand your point of attraction which begins with the message your sending to the universe through your thoughts, words and feelings. Are you ready to send a differnet message to the universe? In this class you will gain 5 valuable tools to help you get crystal clear on what you really want, shift your mindset and gain forward momentum to acheive your goals with ease.   There’s a deeper part of you that wants to be seen, felt and heard.  During this workshop I will be guiding you in meditation to connect with your authentic self, reveal your true nature and gain a understanding of who your higher self wants you to KNOW, BE, DO.  You will leave feeling empowered to trust your intuition as you move forward on your self healing journey.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Wendy P.S. Check your email!!! In Person & Online Ticket: Look for a Confirmation with my address and the Zoom link attached. Once you complete the ticketing process, I will send you a confirmation email with my address.  Parking on the street. Light snack and my homemade Kombucha will be served! Please be prepared to take notes. Zoom attendees, prepare a space for you to be uninurrupted. Hop online or Arrive 5 minutes early so we can get started right on time!! Please Note: Pre-registration required Personal Investment – $25. Investing in your personal development sends a clear message to the universe you are ready to create something new in your life! Are you READY for change NOW? Then you don’t want to miss this worksop…. it’s a game changer!  CONTACT ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS Email:, Facebook Messenger: @Wendy L Nelson or @BodyMindSoulutions Eventbrite Message: ‘Organiser’ Wendy Nelson Your Soul Sister Tribe Is Waiting For YOU To Join Them! Download the Meetup app to be notified for future events.