Maintenance Class – Penrith, Sydney

As a Club 99 member, you’re invited to come along to our store and attend a free basic maintenance class. Here’s what we’ll cover: 1) Assessing your bike is safe to ride GOAL: to gain confidence independently resolving simple mechanical issuesKEY LEARNINGS: How to use quick releases. How to use a mini tool / allen key set. Basic competency with bolt tensions. Basic competency with a pedal spanner. Where to use grease. Knowing when to get help. 2) Cleaning your bike GOAL: to understand a process to follow to clean your bikeKEY LEARNINGS: What to use to clean your bike. Where to clean versus where to degrease. How to apply and remove chain lube. Which lubes for which conditions? 3) Changing a tyre and tube GOAL: to be able to change your tube if you get a flat while out ridingKEY LEARNINGS: What I need to change a tube? What size tube I need for my bike? Differences in valve types? How to find and resolve what caused the flat? What you need: 1 x pair of hands, and rolled up sleeves. Note: Please do not bring your bike along to this class. We have limited space to allow you to work on your own bike, however you will be able to get hands-on with some tasks as we go.