Macro photography for beginners& Intermediate

Macro for beginners/ Intermediate is a photography class for those who have purchased a macro lens or extension tubes and is struggling to consistently obtain the results they are after. Learn all about macro and HOW to achieve the best results from your equipment. We will be working with small and captivating subjects from sumptuous fruit and gorgeous flowers. All items for subject, props, lighting, and staging are supplied, you only need your camera gear. This Workshop will cover the basics in lighting, staging, camera settings and best practices for Macro Photography with topics discussed: Various Macro techniques Get off Auto, get confident in Manual and Aperture Priority Modes  Artificial & Subtle Natural Lighting Auto and Manual Focusing Focus Stacking Working with water drops Working with reflections Requirements: DSLR camera or Mirrorless camera, bringing your manual is a good idea if you aren’t overly familiar with your camera. a macro lens eg: 45mm, 60mm, or 90mm (or similar) a 35-50mm lens or 24-70mm is suitable if you are using extension tubes tripod remote shutter release (wireless or cabled) spare charged battery SD Cards. If you also have a Speed Light or Light Bring, please being this too.