LunaFlow Yoga Series: Cancer

Our ancestors understood the power of lunar and elemental energies. For centuries, they observed her moving across the sky, shape-shifting from dark & empty to full & luminous in a 28-day cycle, learning about the power of her use methods of planting crops by lunar cycle. Women mark their menstrual cycle by the waxing and waning of the moon. There are rituals and even holidays revolving around the moon.Did you know that Easter’s date each year is determined by the lunar calendar?As the moon waxes and wanes across the sky, she passes through each of the 12 zodiac constellations within one complete cycle, dancing with planets here and there. While in each sign, her watery, emotional energy illuminates their archetypal energies, offering to us an opportunity to discover and work with these same archetypal energies that also reside within each of us.In this workshop series, we will use journal, embodiment, and meditative practices to open ourselves up to the dark, empty and unique energy of each month’s new moon and plant seeds of intention. We will continue to nurture these seeds through each cycle of her phase through an online support the course of 13 moons, we will learn* how her phases coincide with different emotions and meanings* how her watery energy manifests in each sign* the body parts governed by each sign* practices to harmonize body and emotion* how to actualize our goals in longer-lasting, more sustainable will be a few mats and blankets to borrow. If you have one, please bring your mat, a pillow and/or blanket, something to write on, and something to write Schedule for 2019-2020December 22, Sunday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Capricorn on 12/26 at 12:13 am)January 23, Thursday | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Aquarius on 1/24 at 4:42pm)February 23, Sunday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Pisces on 2/23 at 10:32am)March 22, Sunday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Aries on 3/24 at 5:28am)April 22, Wednesday | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Taurus on 4/22 10:26pm)May 21, Thursday | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Gemini on 4/22 at 1:39pm)June 20, Saturday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Cancer on 6/21 at 2:41am – annular solar eclipse)(sun in Cancer on 6/20 at 5:44pm – Summer Solstice)July 19, Sunday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Cancer on 7/20 at 1:33pm)August 17, Monday* | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Leo on 8/18 at 10:42pm)September 16, Wednesday | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Virgo on 9/17 at 7:00am)October 16, Friday | 6pm – 8pm(new moon in Libra on 10/16 at 3:31pm)November 14, Saturday | 10am – 12pm(new moon in Scorpio 11/15 at 12:07am)(Lunar Samhain for those who celebrate)well-being investment : $30 per workshop*If fewer than 4 people register, class will be canceled.*Space is limited to 8 people.