Literacy and Learning in Pre-Primary August 2020

What to teach? When to screen? How to cater for the range in ability?   This one day Literacy and Learning in Pre-primary seminar will provide you with the structure and tools to improve the literacy outcomes of your Foundation year students. The Foundation school year is an important year of literacy learning and it is essential that students receive a positive start to it.  It is during this year that students’ now well developed oral language skills will allow them to extend into literacy, developing the ability to read, spell and write. Recommended for staff working within Pre-primary (WA), this seminar explores: How children typically read first, spell second and write third. The two core skills that enable a child to decode, the three core skills that facilitate early spelling and the range of skills that facilitate writing. Pre-literacy skill development early in the school year, so that the foundations for literacy are established. A time efficient pre-literacy assessment to track skill development and readiness for reading and spelling. How to introduce reading, spelling and writing in an early childhood manner so that early literacy learning is enjoyable. Time efficient decoding and spelling assessments. The instruction of high frequency words and the relevance of decodable reading material. Short ‘speech pathology’ derived oral language activities which facilitate the ability to speak in grammatically correct sentences.   For more information or to view this seminar flyer, click here. Testimonials I enjoyed the seminar.  You continue to be an inspiration. It is great to have someone in education who is so grounded and sensible!  Rebecca – Learning Support Co-ordinator K-6  I just need to say that we are loving your programs. It is so fantastic to have a program that is so air tight and guides us each term so that we all know what everyone is doing. We have implemented both the literacy and language programs including a home based comprehension program this year and we are seeing FANTASTIC results from our children. I feel very confident that we have prepared them well for formal literacy learning and we are really excited to see how the children are placed compared to other years. Keep up the great work and thank you!!! Fiona – Pre Primary Teacher and PLD coordinator Initially I was concerned that the seminar would be all about the PLD programs. Very useful information to use with or without the PLD programs. Lisa – Preparatory teacher QLD I have nothing but praise for the skills you have taught me and the results I have had with the children. You not only provided us with the resources and planning but also how to teach the children in a specific and meaningful way which guarantees success. At last there is someone who knows how it should be done!! Meryl – Experienced Junior Primary Teacher Frequently Asked Questions Where is nearby parking? Can I access public transport to get to PLD? I don’t have access to a credit card to buy a seminar ticket – can you send me an invoice? How do I transfer to a different seminar or date? Have another question?  Please click here to view the full range of FAQs. | Contact | Privacy | Terms