LinkedIn: YOUR Opportunity for Growth!

Most people are using Linkedin Incorrectly! Linkedin was purchased by Microsoft in 2016.  It is now a major search engine just like Google and it has massive growth goals as a company and you can be a WINNER! It’s no longer a CV or resume, its an effective networking tool for YOU!  Perfect for Lead Generation activities and RESUKTS> With a few ELEMENTS set up correctly, In this mini-workshop  you will learn: Profile +Connect+Engage = Sales & Revenue 1.  How to set up your Profile correctly 2.  How to Connect with Key people to create outcomes 3.  Ways to Generate Leads with Engaging Content for your business or career goals, ——– Do you have some of these common mistakes on your profile? ❌ Do you have CEO, Founder or Director or ‘I help’ as your title on your LinkedIn profile? ❌ Do you list the roles or jobs you have held in the past, in the experience section? ❌  Do you have your location listed as Adelaide, Australia or International? ✅ WIN Business on LinkedIn with the right elements in the right positions! Business research confirms that there are 610 million professionals use LinkedIn, Four out of Five LinkedIn members drive business decisions, who have 2X the buying power of average web audiences (WOW!!) Its the NUMBER 1 platform for B2B lead generation, rated by : LinkedIn Audience 360 study; Salesforce ——– DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU COULD BE MISSING OUT?There are easy wins for you waiting with a correctly set up Linked Profile & just 7 minutes per day. Bring your note pads and gain a wealth of knowledge from Sally who has been using Linkedin for Lead Generation for more than 10 years for herself and clients, like Dale Beaumont. If you want to know more about this event, or for your own In- House Trainings call Sally 0407 607 809.