Light Up! Yoga Teacher Empowerment Program

Spotted Dog Yoga’s “LIGHT UP!” is a unique and exciting 200 Hour Teacher Empowerment Program offered one time each year at Spotted Dog Yoga. This program is a highly sought-after, fully comprehensive, and exceptionally impactful 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved program. TEP is not simply a yoga teacher training; it is a leadership training that will empower you to show up bigger in every area of your life. Our program is based in the Baptiste Methodology of yoga teaching and you will leave our program ready to lead a practice in this methodology to anyone, anywhere. Our commitment is in fully supporting you every step along the way in becoming the teacher you are capable of you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher or not, this program was designed to empower YOU to be a fearless and bold leader. You will be given the tools to let go of what you don’t need and recreate a strong foundation that will allow you to live to your greatest potential. This training will transform your life and leave you with a powerful new understanding of your true self and what you value from the core. Get excited for this life-changing Dog Yoga is California’s FIRST Baptiste Yoga Affiliate studio! In addition to certification through a 200 Hour teacher training program locally in Sacramento, Nick and Katie Clark have also completed certification directly through the Baptiste Institute. They are both dedicated to their own personal development work and are active in continued training through the Baptiste Institute both by participating in training as students and serving on teams as assistants for Baptiste PROGRAM DATES FOR 2018/2019 SESSION:Spotted Dog Yoga’s next «Light Up!» 200 Hour Program begins October 12th, 2019! This program runs over 8 weekends to include the following dates: October 12th/13th, October 26th/27th, November 9th/10th, November 23rd/24th, December 7th/8th, January 4th/5th, January 17th-19th, February 7th-9th.