LIGHT UP! Christmas Sweater with LIGHTS Workshop

Learn how to make your own electronic textiles with lights and sensors.  ABOUT THE EVENT: In this workshop we will experiment with mixing textiles and electronics. Since it is almost Christmas we will be trying to make our own tacky, blinking, singing Christmas jumpers. You wil learn how to make lights blink, how to play music and how to make the electronics react to button presses and movement. No programming experience is required!!! You have to bring your own laptop and a jumper or some other garment you want to «tackify». After the workshop you will receive your own Adafruit Playground Express so you can keep experimenting on your own. ABOUT CREATOR MAKERSPACE: Creator Makerspace is an open prototyping space. We offer offices, meeting rooms, as well as a variety of other equipments and workshops: wood, metal, electronic, laser cutter, scanners, 3D printers, and a variety of other tools. Today more than 650 specialists are connected to Creator Makerspace, just after three years in business. Come prototype the future with us!  OTHER INFO:  The main number of participants is 6. And the price for the event is 500 NOK* *The garment of your choice is not included in this price. You need to bring your own sweater. Fjerne eller oppdatere arrangement