Lifelong Dancers Seminar – Melbourne 2020

Lifelong Dancers Seminar is an inspirational event where dancers, teachers and researchers from different movement backgrounds will present their stories and findings to inspire other ***** dancers to keep dancing. Some dancers struggle to pursue dance after an injury, a pregnancy or after experiencing rejection. Science has proven that dance can make a positive difference in the way we experience life and ageing. While many adults keep dancing to a high standard well into their senior years, many dancers think they are too old, no longer able or good enough to enjoy dancing from the heart. We believe you can and should keep dancing and we hope you feel the same way! At Lifelong Dancers, we believe there is always a way to explore movement according to each one’s skills and life stages. We think practising safe dance from early years and throughout our life is crucial to have a lifelong dance journey. This event aims to encourage dancers to overcome ageism and keep dancing to the best of their abilities. Come along and be embraced by a supportive community who is willing to cheer for you. Bring a friend or two and see dance from a renewed perspective. This is the perfect occasion to support each other to keep our motivation high. It is never too late to start. It is always too soon to keep dancing! — This event is ideal for:- Young dancers who want to take inspiration from more experienced dancers to overcome insecurities and develop their performance skills- ***** dancers willing to expand their networks to share experiences and find collaboration opportunities- Former professional dancers who stopped dancing due to injury or illness and need some encouragement to come back- Any person willing to explore dance in adulthood and is not sure where to start- Teachers and studio owners who are expanding their services to include groups of ***** dancers and seniors- Any person interested in learning more about the health benefits of dance — Share the event on Instagram or Facebook using #LDSeminar2020 for your chance to win a double pass!