Let the children in! Refugees welcome.

Oxford Rally Supported by Oxford Convoy 2 Calais, Oxfordshire Unison Health branch, PCS DWP Oxon & Bucks, Oxford City Unison branch, Close Campsfield Campaign, Oxfordshire Green Party, Members of Wantage Constitency Labour Party, Europol reports tens of thousands of unaccompanied child refugees have gone missing and likely subject to abuse and exploitation. UNICEF reports 9 out of 10 refugee children arriving in Europe are unaccompanied and highly vulnerable. These children need a safe haven now. Stand Up To Racism has called a day of action in support of the Alf Dubs Amendment to the Immigration Bill on Friday 14th October. The ‘Dubs Amendment’ should have triggered the acceptance of thousands of unaccompanied refugee children into Britain, but Theresa May is not enacting the amendment in any meaningful way, This inaction is taking place at a time when the Calais “jungle” refugee camp is under threat of demolition. The last demolition of the southern section of the camp in February resulted in a number of child refugees going missing. It is unacceptable that children in the camp are being put at risk of exploitation as a result of the government’s lack of action around the Dubs Amendment. Help us pressure the government to act on the amendment now. Join us at the rally and help us to organise an activity in your school, college, workplace, or local community on the day to raise the amendment and lack of action on unaccompanied child refugees. Suggestions include: •Organise a school assembly around the Dubs Amendment/unaccompanied child refugees •Tweet out about the Dubs Amendment using #EnactDubsNow •Take a photo of yourself class/workmates holding a SUTR selfie poster supporting the amendment •Get school children to write letters/postcards to Theresa May urging her to bring the children to Britain Lunchtime meeting / vigil Please share this event Leaflet to follow soon. Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms