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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt This course will prepare you to achieve the status of certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. This course covers the entire DMAIC methodology and does it using the industries most recognized statistical software, Minitab. We provide outputs and examples for all analysis and exercises using images rendered from Minitab. This course will prepare students to take the IASSC Black Belt Certification Exam. A practice exam is included in the course price. Important Information About Obtaining Six Sigma Certification We have additional Six Sigma Courses if this course doesn’t fit your needs:  Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt   Length:   5 day(s) Daily Start Time:   10:00 Eastern Time Daily End Time:  17:00 Eastern Time Registration Cutoff:   15 Days Prior to Class Start Price:   $2,775.00 (U.S. Dollars) Location:   9111 Cross Park Drive, D200, Knoxville, TN 37923  Training Format:   Hands-on, Live Online Training with a Remote Instructor Certstaffix® Training classes are instructor-led live online training you attend in a local computer lab or from your home/office. Our live online instructors teach you from a remote location while being able to interact with students as in a traditional classroom setting. Instructors can view student progress and take control of their PC to provide direct assistance. Students can see the instructor’s presentation as well as voice questions directly to the instructor and participate in class discussions.   Our Remote Instructor-led classes offer: A real, live instructor teaching you from another location Hands-on learning with the software you are being taught Interaction with all students in the class at other locations Easy assistance from the instructor: To ask a question, you simply speak and all students and the instructor can hear you They can see your computer screen with permission They take control of your computer if you get stuck with permission Two Ways to Attend: 1. Attend From Your Home or Work You can attend any of our public classes from your home or work – all you need is a high-speed internet connection. We provide access to any needed software and lab environments during your class. We’ll ship you any course material about 1 week prior to your class start date. 2. Attend From One of Our Computer Labs You can also attend any of our public classes at our computer lab location at 9111 Cross Park Drive, D200, Knoxville, TN 37923. You’ll get access to a fully set up learning environment for you to walk into and start class. We provide a computer and access to any needed software and lab environments. We’ll ship you any course material about 1 week prior to your class start date. Questions? Feel free to call or email us if you have questions about course content or how our training method works: Call Us: 877-459-8204Email Us Course Outline: Black Belt Training: Define Phase1.1 Six Sigma Overview1.1.1 What is Six Sigma1.1.2 Six Sigma History1.1.3 Six Sigma Approach Y = f(x)1.1.4 Six Sigma Methodology1.1.5 Roles & Responsibilities1.2 The Fundamentals of Six Sigma1.2.1 Defining a Process1.2.2 VOC & CTQ’s1.2.3 Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)1.2.4 Pareto Analysis (80:20 rule)1.3 Lean Six Sigma Projects1.3.1 Six Sigma Metrics1.3.2 Business Case & Charter1.3.3 Project Team Selection1.4 Lean Fundamentals1.4.1 Lean & Six Sigma1.4.2 History of Lean1.4.3 The Seven Deadly Muda1.4.4 Five-S (5S)Black Belt Training: Measure Phase2.1 Process Definition 2.1.1 Cause & Effect Diagrams 2.1.2 Process Mapping 2.1.3 X-Y Diagram2.1.4 FMEA: Failure Modes & Effects Analysis2.2 Six Sigma Statistics 2.2.1 Basic Statistics 2.2.2 Descriptive Statistics 2.2.3 Distributions & Normality 2.2.4 Graphical Analysis2.3 Measurement System Analysis 2.3.1 Precision & Accuracy 2.3.2 Bias, Linearity & Stability 2.3.3 Gage R&R 2.3.4 Variable & Attribute MSA2.4 Process Capability 2.4.1 Capability Analysis 2.4.2 Concept of Stability 2.4.3 Attribute & Discrete Capability 2.4.4 Monitoring TechniquesBlack Belt Training: Analyze Phase3.1 Patterns of Variation3.1.1 Multi-Vari Analysis3.1.2 Classes of Distributions3.2 Inferential Statistics3.2.1 Understanding Inference3.2.2 Sampling Techniques & Uses3.2.3 Sample Size3.2.4 Central Limit Theorem3.3 Hypothesis Testing3.3.1 Goals of Hypothesis Testing3.3.2 Statistical Significance3.3.3 Risk; Alpha & Beta3.3.4 Types of Hypothesis Test3.4 Hypothesis Testing: Normal Data3.4.1 1 & 2 sample t-tests3.4.2 1 sample variance3.4.3 One Way ANOVA3.5 Hyp Testing: Non-Normal Data3.5.1 Mann-Whitney & Mood’s Median3.5.2 Kruskal-Wallis3.5.3 Moods Median3.5.4 Friedman3.5.5 1 Sample Sign3.5.65 1 Sample Wilcoxon3.5.7 1 and 2 Sample Proportion3.5.8 Chi-Squared (Contingency Tables)3.5.9 Test of Equal VariancesBlack Belt Training: Improve Phase4.1 Simple Linear Regression4.1.1 Correlation4.1.2 Regression Equations4.1.3 Residuals Analysis4.2 Multiple Regression Analysis4.2.1 Non-Linear Regression4.2.2 Multiple Linear Regression4.2.3 Confidence Intervals4.2.4 Residuals Analysis4.2.5 Data Transformation, Box Cox4.2.6 Stepwise Regression4.2.7 Logistic Regression4.3 Designed Experiments4.3.1 Experiment Objectives4.3.2 Experimental Methods4.3.3 DOE Design Considerations4.4 Full Factorial Experiments4.4.1 2k Full Factorial Designs4.4.2 Linear & Quadratic Models4.4.3 Balanced & Orthogonal Designs4.4.4 Fit, Model & Center Points4.5 Fractional Factorial Experiments4.5.1 Designs4.5.2 Confounding Effects4.5.3 Experimental ResolutionBlack Belt Training: Control Phase5.1 Lean Controls5.1.1 Control Methods for 5S5.1.2 Kanban5.1.3 Poka-Yoke (Mistake Proofing)5.2 Statistical Process Control (SPC)5.2.1 Data Collection for SPC5.2.2 I-MR Chart5.2.3 Xbar-R Chart5.2.4 U Chart5.2.5 P Chart5.2.6 NP Chart5.2.7 X-S chart5.2.8 CumSum Chart5.2.9 EWMA Chart5.2.10 Control Methods5.2.11 Control Chart Anatomy5.2.12 Subgroups, Variation, Sampling5.2.13 Center Line & Control Limits5.3 Six Sigma Control Plans5.3.1 Cost Benefit Analysis5.3.2 Elements of the Control Plan5.3.3 Elements of the Response Plan Public Class Policies and Conditions When you enroll into our public classes, on the registration form, you have acknowledged and agreed to our public class policies and conditions. This includes cancellation/reschedule/no show policies that are time sensitive. I understand: Certstaffix® Training classes are live, hands-on training with your instructor teaching from a remote location. If not familiar with this format see our Remote Instructor-led page. Certstaffix® Training is primarily a Business-to-Business training provider. In certain locations, we cannot accept enrollments from students who’s tuition fees are being paid by themselves, not their employer. Read full details here Payment: If paying by check – Payment is due 15 days from this registration request. To request alternative payment terms, you must call 877-459-8204. If you have submitted a late registration, less than 15 days before your class start date, we require immediate payment. If we have not received your payment by the due date, we may reschedule/cancel your enrollment. We will inform you prior to making any changes to your registration. I can cancel or reschedule my registration without penalty or charge provided I give Certstaffix® Training notice of 14 days or more before the first day of my class. If I request to cancel or reschedule my registration less than 14 days before the first day of my class, I will be charged 100% the course fee and am not entitled to a refund. I have one (1) opportunity to use Certstaffix Training Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date. If I no show to my class, I will be charged 100% the course fee and am not entitled to a refund. I have one (1) opportunity to use Certstaffix® Training Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date. If attending in a computer lab: an additional seat fee of $100 per day will be charged to attend my makeup session. I cannot change my class location 14 days or less before the first day of class because Certstaffix® Training has shipped training materials and provisioned resources. Location changes requested prior to that timeframe are subject to availability and may incur an additional charge. Should Certstaffix® Training need to cancel my class due to insufficient enrollment, or postpone it due to events beyond their control, Certstaffix® Training will notify registered students as soon as possible. In such cases, the student may reschedule to a future class date at no additional charge or receive a refund for any money on account relating to that registration. Travel arrangements and costs are the sole responsibility of the student. Certstaffix® Training suggests obtaining refundable reservations. Certstaffix® Training classes are confirmed approximately 14 days before the start of the class. We cannot guarantee class commitments before that window of time. Certstaffix® Training will not be responsible for any cancellation costs incurred, including but not limited to, airline/mass transit tickets, hotel reservations and so on.