Leading Digital Transformation | Executive Program | October

ABOUT THE PROGRAM  The program is an intense, transformative learning experience that will immerse you in the innovations and business culture of Silicon Valley through:  presentations by influential technology experts and visionaries  provocative brainstorming sessions with like-minded innovators  visits to top Silicon Valley companies  meetings with Silicon Valley luminaries HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PROGRAM The program is a transformational week that aims to give you the first-hand insights into the inner workings of Silicon Valley, emerging technologies and disruptive trends that will disrupt the way we work and live. It will also shed light to the building blocks of innovation that ignite the infamous entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and bring to live its game-changing ideas.  YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT:  Science and «secret sauce» of Silicon Valley innovation Navigating emerging technologies and disruptive trends and their impact on the future of industries, companies and careers Building success: from start-up to IPO The art and science of innovation management The theory and practice of technology investments PROGRAM AGENDA  (This is a sample program. Participating presenters and companies vary from program to program and cannot be guaranteed for any particular tour.) DAY 1:  DIGITAL REVOLUTION Learn about Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and its role in accelerating the digital revolution. Get an introduction to the economic drivers and major players that fuel technological innovation and shape the future of the industries. Hear from thought leaders rom SVIC, Institute For The Futrure, Flex and Google about the future of the automated world and who is most likely to win and to lose in the brave new digital world. DAY 2:  NEXT GENERATION OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Meet with trailblazers developing and applying breakthrough technologies. Visit comapnies such as DeepVision, Nvidia, iRobot, and Arrayent to reflect on and learn about implications of these technologies on your industry and business. DAY 3:  DIGITIZATION OF EVERYTHING Discover business models innovations that are being fueled by emerging technologies. Learn how companies sush as AirBnb, Netflix, and Gap transform themselves from using machine learning to scale personalized interactions to flexing the supply chain to support entirely new business models like digital goods or subscription products.  DAY 4:  MAKING DIGITAL HAPPEN Connect with aspiring «unicorns» just getting their ideas off their ideas off the ground and out of the garages. Explore the latest innovation with digitally native companies such as the participants of the 500 startups acceleration program, The Vault, Due, and learn about innovative strategies and unorthodox tactics digital native companies employ to achieve rapid growth.  DAY 5:  ACCELERATING CORPORATE INNOVATION Hear from the digital transformation leaders from companies such as Cisco and CitiVentures about their approach to digital transformation through automating business processes and implementing change management initiatives. Hear about what business outcomes this effort brings. Visit innovation labs of companies such as Mercedes and Autodesk to explore a variety of innovation strategies that companies employ to accelerate cororate innovation.  What’s Included: Program participation Transfers between company visits Lunches (Mon-Fr)   Hotel Accommodation (6 nights) Not Included Airfare tickets   If you prefer to book and pay for your own accommodation, contact us to request a registration code. Please read  Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing your ticket. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. OUR RECENT PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS