Laser Cutter Training

Learn how to cut and engrave with our 80W Laser Cutter! This class is MANDATORY in order to be allowed to operate the laser. While non-members may take the class, membership at MakeIt Labs is required for access to the laser outside of class. This class covers: SafetyFor You and the Laser Material SelectionTypes and thicknesses of materials that can be cut or engravedWhat should never, EVER, be used in the laserTesting materialsUsing LaserCut 5.3Creating DesignsImporting DesignsSetting Cut/Engrave ParametersUploading Jobs to the Laser Setting up the LaserPositioning the Work PieceSetting FocusChecking Project DimensionsVerify Chiller, Blower, ExhaustCutting / EngravingFlat PiecesUsing the Rotary Attachment MaintenanceCleaning the Lens and Mirrors   Before Class Get the most out of your class! Check out the Laser Wiki ahead of time – and farmiliarize youself with what you will be going over. Make It Labs Laser Wiki To make the most of your class, (and certainly to utilize the laser when you’re done with it), I’d highly recommend that learn at least a bit of the basics in some piece of software to do 2d design. This could be a program like AutoCAD (or some free version of this) to do formal engineering/drafting work. Anything that can export DXF files (among a few others) will work for the laser’s software. There is a comprehensive list of stuff on the Wiki (above). Another route to go is a «vector graphics» programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw (which are a bit more «artistic» oriented, as opposed to formal engineer/CAD oriented). These generally are used for «aesthetic» projects, and are easier to get going on. The good part is there is a great free, open-source one called «Inkscape». We have this on the laser computer, and will be demonstrating it briefly in-class. I’d strongly encourage downloading it, and maybe going through some tutorials – either way – it’s a great tool for artistry in general, not just for the laser. Check it out at: Non-Members Please show up 15 minutes early and sign the lab usage waver at our waver station. This must be done before taking the class. Want to get some use out of the laser after the class? Ask about how to apply some of the cost of your corse to a Make-It Labs memebership!