Kids Yoga – Every Second Sunday

Join us for an afternoon of yoga for kids with educator and Director of Yoga Central, Kristie Leahy Comsia. We explore yoga movement, breathing, meditation and mindfulness in every class, giving your child helpful tools for self-regulation. Kids yoga is sure to help EMPOWER your child rather than dis-empower. Yoga is a place where we work to brighten up that shimmer that all children have in their eyes, when other times it feels like the world is working to dim it. Yoga won’t let that happen. Parents, you can stay too, but you’ll have to tap into your inner child and brighten up your shimmer as well! Cost is $6/child or parentAges 4-7 (12:00pm-12:30pm) 30 minutesAges 7-11 (12:45pm-1:30pm) 45 minutes (Eventbrite will read «12:30pm-1:30pm», but the class starts at 12:45pm.)