Kiamichi Trail Run 2017

Description updated 2-20-17 Looking for a few Co-Hosts on this one. This trip is for beginner and veteran off-road enthusiasts. Fall 2015 trip went well as did the fall 2016 trip with no hiccups so we are going to do it again in 2017. Trip actually begins by leaving from 3-Sticks Monument at 8am Saturday November 11. The three sticks monument is 3 miles south of the US259/SH63 intersection. We will then travel Ktrail from East to West to the Firetower then go east to Mena for lunch and take the Talimena drive back into Oklahoma. Most folks will camp at Cedar Lake $10/night I think. For those camping at Cedar lake camp near the boat ramp. Cell coverage is nonexistent within cedar lake park. FAQ: Can my stock/semi-stock 4×4 make it? Absolutely. I’ve seen new JKs and FJs that were bone stock as well as stock CJs and TJs through the trail. Trail Damage? The trees can be tight in spots which can scratch clear coat. An adept driver can avoid most. Rocks and washouts can also challenge drivers. We have plenty of time to get everyone through safely. Just ask for a spotter if you need one. Mud can make an easy trail difficult. If this is the case we will position a rescue vehicle and strap to keep things moving. Water Crossings? There are always mud puddles along the trail. In my trips I’ve never seen one deeper than 16″. And they always have a rock bottom. There aren’t any river or creek crossings along the trail we are taking. Things to bring? Tools, parts(ujoints, fluids,etc), camera, binoculars, a CB is nice, on channel 4, camping, food, drink, etc. If you forget something don’t worry someone else brought one. Fuel? Your stock tank will suffice. You will want to top off. There is fuel in Clayton, Talihina, and Hodges depending on your approach direction. Total trip mileage will be 60 miles between stations. So $30 in fuel for the trip + whatever it takes you to get there and home. You shouldn’t need spare fuel. Family friendly humans/pets? Absolutely invite your friends and family. All pets are welcome too just remember to respect others when it comes to your animals especially those that bark or ****. Alcohol? The trail is a public trail. But there will be folks having a relaxing drink at some of our stops. Inebriation should be avoided since we have a stretch of public road at the end. Permits? The trail we are traveling crosses private property and has been long standing easement to property owners and explorers. Be kind and considerate. Music turned down and trash picked up. If you get the chance to break a branch off please do so to keep the trail scratches to a minimum. If you see trash from somebody from years ago take the time to pick it up. What’s the trail like? YouTube ktrail. Tons of good videos from recent trips out there. I’ve seen 70s stock CJs, 2016 JKs, newer FJs, Blazers, and 3/4 ton trucks make the trail. Cherokees, toyotas, and side by sides make it look easy. Should I take my daily driver? In the 6 trips I’ve been a part of we’ve only winched once, changed flats a few times, and added fluids once. That said I wouldn’t risk getting to work unless you could bring a friend who could give you a ride when you got home. Where is Cedar Lake? Latitude 34.780579 longitude -94.695686 From the intersection of 259 and hwy 1 go north to hogden rd then west to campground. What if I’m late who do I call? Don’t be late. If you are late there is an excellent chance you can catch up. See trail directions below. Cell service? From my experience Ktrail has spotty cell service for the most part you’ll have enough service to text. Lots of folks will be using CB Channel 4. Most have a limited range so we will relay messages back and forth as we get stretched out and in smaller groups. Tire pressure? When you are at 3sticks I recommend that you air stock tires down to 13 psi. I have beadlock wheels so I run at 6 psi. Doing this will make your trip much more pleasurable, since the tires will absorb some of the bumps and give you more traction. There is air in Mena at our finish. Bathroom breaks? We stop a lot for both scenic overlooks and restroom stops. Men on the left of the trail and women to the right works well. Several are camping at Cedar Lake Friday and Saturday night. From Cedar lake it’s a 30 min drive to 3 sticks. Try not to be late. Also the Talimena drive is a fun trip. | Contact | Privacy | Terms