KEH Camera at Lanier High School

Current Event Details:  KEH Camera will be in Sugar Hill, GA on 12/13 for a buying event at Lanier High School. Now’s your chance to turn your used camera equipment into cash! Come see us, get an instant quote, and a check on the spot for your clean, working, used camera equipment. Our buyer will be paying top dollar. You have a choice of either donating the entire amount of your equipment to Lanier High School or receiving a check for the funds minus whatever you would like to donate!  Please remember to bring the following to the buying event: -A charged battery and charger for your digital camera to receive the full value of your equipment; cameras without a battery and charger will receive a lower offer. -Your photo ID: We will need it if you choose to receive a check on the spot or store credit Note: Any equipment you plan to sell us that is in need of repair will be adjusted in price to compensate for the cost of repair. While KEH Camera does not sell equipment during buying events, please visit us at when you are ready to upgrade to something new to you! Items we are not currently purchasing: 1. Darkroom equipment We do purchase a very limited number of enlarger lenses and Darkroom timers. 2. Limited tripod models We do purchase most Bogen, Manfrotto, and Gitzo tripods and heads. 3. Polaroid cameras We do purchase most Spectra series cameras and a limited number of 600 series Polaroid cameras. 4. Digital Point & Shoot digital cameras under 6mp Most point & shoot film cameras with the exception of Leica and high-end Nikon and Canon Point & Shoot cameras  5. APS, 110mm, 126mm, and Disk Film Cameras are no longer being purchased at this time due to film not being available. 6. Tape or film-based video cameras 7. Studio lighting that requires a powerpack or hot lights. Currently, we are only purchasing Mono lights that have the power built into the head. We only buy cameras in clean working condition due to the high cost of repairs. We will be happy to responsibly recycle any cameras or accessories that are not in good working order. To guarantee you are getting top dollar for your equipment please be sure not to forget the battery and charger. These items can be very expensive to replace, and we will have to deduct money if they are not included. For further questions regarding the gear we purchase, please email the Director of Purchasing, Justin Goldman at or call 770-333-4200. We look forward to seeing you at the event!