Kalypso club @ Zrce beach

Kalypso Beach Club was the first Croatian beach club, established in 1987. This idyllic open air party club is located in the world-famous beach Zrce, surrounded by Pine trees. It is a place where memories are created and where the fun never ends. Hideout, Sonus, Barrakud, Spring Break and Salt festivals are just the cherry on the top of this season’s Kalypso program, overwhelmed with great artist’s acts. You can dance near its pools and drink various types of refreshing summer cocktails, or seek for some discretion and get in a chill out mood at the Kalypso lounge area at day, or be a part of amazing festivals and dance to big shot DJ’s sets at night. It’s also wonderful to feel the luxurious treatment from our staff in the brand new VIP area, waiting for romantic sunsets and dawn’s. This year the club is being carefully changed. With its completely renewed venue, consisted of amazing innovations, it will provide everyone an unforgettable party and chill out experience. Club Kalypso, the first beach party maker, this season is ready for the #rebirthofsummer! The Kalypso food style The essence of the old tradition of the island Pag will be contained in hints – aromatic world award winning cheese, great vines, domestic ingredients, combined into creative cuisine, coming out from the famous Hotel restaurant Boškinac best practices. So be the part of it all, and experience what the essence of summer is all about! See you at Kalypso! Fievent.com | 接触 | Privacy | Terms