July 2020 1.5 Day FORCE READINESS

FORCE READINESS is a 1.5 day course for the armed citizen (men & women) on how to survive a violent encounter from the first sign of danger, using verbal commands and preparing for CONTACT, lethal verses non-lethal decisions, to even dealing with the legal system in the aftermath, you need to learn all aspects of personal protection. The Complete Combatant course is a layered approach for ALL levels of experience that will walk you through all the many stages of «decisions» while developing a game plan tailored to your skills and your everyday carry.  Sat. 4-8pm (arrive 3:45pm) Sun. 9am-5pm (arrive 8:45am) Within 48 hours of payment, you will receive Registration Forms and Liability Waivers via email. Please fill out and return via email. If that is not an option for you then please contact me and I will give you another option. You will also receive a «reminder» about 1 week prior to class that will include location, times, and overall reminders and expectations. Class Details Gear ListFORCE READINESS will train you in multiple areas of self defense: Verbal challenges Frames/Blocks Non lethal force options Lethal force Entangled fighting Low light section in the 1.5 day course ONLY Medical care (tourniquets) 911 call Interaction with the police Andrew Branca’s The Law of Self Defense SCENARIO drill: In our scenario you may have to choose one or commands, OC Spray, RUN and/or deadly force. After your scenario you will have time to think about your actions. We will then pair you with a partner which will be your «attorney». Your partner will ask you to articulate your actions and see if you meet the 5 Laws of Self Defense. In this non-live fire environment The Complete Combatant will supply a  BlueGun (we have SIG P938, S&W Shields, GLOCK 19 & 17, and 1911’s available to borrow = will be handed out to students at random) . We will also give you an «inside the waist or outside the waist» Kydex holster to fit the BlueGun. If you already have a BlueGun and holster then please bring. You may arrive to class with your EDC (Everyday carry) in tact. You may also choose to transport your firearm in a holster, bag or box. Whatever you choose is fine. As a class, on the line facing in a safe direction, we will remove ALL firearms and ammo. These will be placed in a secure area for the day. You will be «patted down» twice to ensure we have a «sterile» facility. At the close of the day we will basically do the same thing in reverse. During the «dry practice» portion of class you will have the option to use your own DISABLED firearm and your own holster. We HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of this portion with your personal firearm and holster. During this Dry Practice time you will have the luxury of your own sights, trigger, holster position, etc.  We will disable your firearm using a TRAINSAFE DISABLER and Tap **** Training aid (TRT) for your magazine. You can borrow ours during class OR you can buy these two items from us at $20 (purchase) so you can continue dry practicing and training at home. You have MANDATORY PRE-HOMEWORK!Below are LINKS to items/subjects that we will be working with in class. We have found that your experience, your subject retention, and your REACTION TIME is MUCH BETTER when you do a little prep before class. Please do your homework and familiarize yourself! You MUST be able to field strip (break your pistol down and reassemble) Sabre Red OC Spray and trainer (we will use a «mock» spray) SOFT-T Wide Tourniquet Best practices: How to prep, Store and Apply a TQ PHLster FLATPACK Cancellation Policy:  If The Complete Combatant does not meet the required number of students within 7 days prior to class or we have to cancel for any reason then a FULL refund will be given to you or you may opt to attend a future class.If you  have to cancel for any reason up to 14 days prior to class then a FULL refund will be given to you. Anything UNDER 14 days then NO REFUND will be given but you are invited to attend another class that The Complete Combatant offers within 6 months of the original class TO THE RULE ABOVE: If we have a SOLD OUT class, I will stop marketing and close down registration for that specific class since it is  full. If you cancel anytime AFTER I have done this (no matter the «timeline») then you will NOT receive a refund because I have closed down all avenues of marketing. Please make note that The Complete Combatant is for US citizens only. You will be required to show a valid drivers license or military ID to finish the registration process the day of class. We will not make a be prepare to show it IN PERSON. THANK YOU