Jon Redmond-Light And Its Relationship In The Landscape

Jon’s workshop will focus on the importance of light and its relationship to how we paint forms and atmospheric space. Jon will make sense of the complexities of your oil painting materials and how best to use them for interpreting how we see. A special emphasis will be placed on the use of transparent and opaque pigments and how these relate to our perception of light. We will work outdoors (weather permitting) or indoors with still life. Jon will give demonstrations on the use of the underpainting, the importance of “lost and found” form, and explanations of direct and indirect oil techniques. Intense personal instruction will be augmented with talks about the materials and the working methods of various artists (both contemporary and historical). All levels and mediums are welcome but the emphasis will be on oil. Any questions please call Kathy at (616) 897-7842, ext. 352.