JESP IMG Session – Haematology

This program is designed to provide help and support to International   Medical Graduates in South Australia who are working towards entering the Australian health care system. LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to: Interpret and have an overview of Anemia &  Acute and chronic leukemia. Discuss interpretation of iron studies and identify if there is need of ordering haemochromatosis gene testing.  Identify diagnostic tests available to rule out major haematological disorders and if necessary, consult a Laboratory Haematologist to discuss these results. Discuss referral pathways to Clinical Haematologist  for patients who are diagnosed with an underlying haematological disease which cannot be treated at the General Practitioner level.   DATE & TIME:   Sunday 22 September  2019  1pm — 4pm VENUE :  CLINPATH PATHOLOGY,  21, Jamescongdon Drive,  Mile End SA 5031  Presenter: Dr Shriram Nath & Dr Lakshmi Nath