iSimulate Bootcamp – REALITi (Brisbane)

iSimulate Bootcamp – REALITi   Target Audience New REALITi users Existing REALITi users that would benefit from a refresher course ALSi users that are upgrading to REALITi   This interactive course is aimed at users that are upgrading from ALSi to REALITi and covers the following topics supported by two iSimulate educators:   Identification of the core components included in the iSimulate kit Opening and connecting the REALITi application Layout and key features of the Monitor and Control Pad tablets Using stored scenarios Modifying existing scenarios including patient parameters Creating, storing and sharing scenarios   Course Duration: 3 hours (max 20 participants)   Course Costs: $495 per person which includes: Afternoon tea Expert, tailored instruction from iSimulate educators Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate