ISE SPORTS: Stadium BBVA Tour and game

Hey people! This is the first sports trip of the semester and we will like to invite you to go and take a tour friday, April 8th, to the most modern stadium in latin america. Stadium BBVA, home of the fooball team rayados. We will provide round transportation from Villas tec to the stadium (limited space to 8 people, if more want to go, maybe we can gather more cars or you can go by taxi). Then saturday we wanna go to a game at the stadium againts Chiapas FC (tickets should be in a considerable price since its not a very tough team). Ticket information can be requested with Enrique Martinez +5218111699844 he can help you find good prices, the range from 400 pesos to 1200. WE ARE NOT RESPONSABLE FOR TICKET PRICES AND AVAILABILITY WE JUST PROVIDE HELP TO FIND THEM. TRANSPORTATION FROM VILLAS TEC TO STADIUM IN GAME DAY IS ALSO FREE. Hope to see you! | Contacto | Privacy | Terms