Intuitive Collage Workshop

You are a creative being with the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge through your intuition. If you have ever done a vision board, this is a similar process. However, instead of explicitly thinking about and choosing what you want to manifest in your life, you will be guided more by intuition and subconscious expression. The result is more like creating your own personal oracle card, full of messages and insights that may not have been apparent at the start. This experience is much more than creating a pretty piece of art to hang on a wall. It is an invitation to dialogue with spirit though the creative process.We will begin with a brief meditation to help us ground and center. There will be a short introduction to mixed-media collage techniques, and then you will dive into your creative expression! You do not need one ounce of artistic ability for this experience! The process of creating and connecting to your highest self is what’s important. You just need an open mind and a willing heart! The address, in South Austin, will be sent when payment is received. Coffee, tea, and all materials will be provided. Spaces are limited!What others have said about the experience:»Wow! That was powerful. I just came back from a creative collage workshop with Dara. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to join and I’m so glad I went with it. It opened my eyes and heart to things I hadn’t noticed before and shed light on feelings that I couldn’t quite make sense of. This goes beyond creating something that looks pretty – it is therapeutic and I recommend it whether you’re going through stuff in life or if you just want to do something that feels good. What I also found very interesting was the way I effortlessly connected with the other people in my group. I feel I made some new friends. I could see there was a lot planning that went into this workshop – from the carefully curated music to facilitate each stage of the workshop to all the different types of supplies and materials available to spark creativity. And what made it all work together is Dara’s talent in relating with people in a loving and nonjudgemental way, facilitating the creative process and helping them interpret their work. I can’t wait for the next workshop!» ~E.D.»The messages and insights that come out of your soul and onto the page astounds me every time. It’s not about the art, it’s about pulling out the messages that your soul and higher guidance wants to speak to you in art form. The art part is playful and fun too!» ~C.B.»Wonderful experience! Dara is an amazing teacher and guides her students on a journey within. Highly recommend a workshop with her.» ~B.S.»Amazing workshop playfully tapping into creativity … so loving feeling that expansion, connectedness and joy … perfect circle of lovely ladies making some radiant art. Dara Chambers, thank you for your work and guidance. Looking forward to creating more with SoulFully Creative! Dara Chambers is a wonderful guide and teacher. You will be amazed how much creative powers awaits within you to be expressed!» ~A.H.