HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: LGBTQI movements – leaps, bounds and b…

There are few areas in human rights in which the progress made in recent years has been as significant as in the field of LGBTQI rights. At the turn of the millennium, equal marriage rights did not exist anywhere. Now, in 2015, they are enshrined in law in over 20 countries worldwide. From an LGBTQI perspective, the global outlook has never been brighter. Such advancements have rightfully been celebrated, yet in doing so it is easy to overlook the bleak situation which LGBTQI communities across much of the world continue to be faced with, with legal and social persecution ranging from the mild to the extreme still an everyday part of life. It is critical that those lucky enough to live in those countries in which the most progress has been made do not lose sight of the global nature of the struggle for equal rights and do everything possible to raise awareness of those less fortunate and facilitate the continued spread of LGBTQI rights across the globe. The interconnectivity of efforts made in the fight for equal rights will be discussed by Erin AYLWARD (Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Canada), Marty HUBER (*****-feminist activist and author, ***** Base), Komil RADZHABOV (Tajik activist) and Dennis VAN DER VEUR (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights). Moderation: Irene Brickner (der Standard). Welcoming address: Jonathan Sauvé (Embassy of Canada to Austria) and Anna Müller-Funk (Research Centre Human Rights, University of Vienna). Kindly observe that this event is held in English! Following the discussion, the Research Centre Human Rights, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and the Embassy of Canada to Austria would like to invite you to join the subsequent reception.

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