How to Land a Job in Norway: Dos and Don'ts

How to spend your time and resources productively and efficiently before and while looking for a job? Are you new in Norway and don’t know where to start? Do you feel you’re wasting your time worrying and trying to figure out the new situation?If you’re looking for a job there are a few things you should know: How to read jobs ads? What is NOKUT? How and where to look for jobs? How to prepare an application? What level of Norwegian do you need for the job you want? Useful information will be shared on this event, that can be further applied when you start writing your CV and cover letter; so, don’t miss this opportunity, together with the following event «Improve your CV: Hands-on workshop». Come hear Samira Cherif sharing tips on how to use your time and direct your efforts towards something that can actually help you integrate in the new environment. Only 10 spots are available. Reserve you spot NOW. This event is free of charge for our Go-Getter members. If you want to become our member, join here and enjoy our amazing perks.  Fjerne eller oppdatere arrangement