HostCamp Europe 2019

About the event HostCamp is a small, semi-formal, invitation-only event for technical leaders in WordPress hosting to come together outside the context of our typical gatherings, share insights, and provide their support to advance the state of WordPress infrastructure across the Open Web. HostCamp is a participant-driven event. Each topic has an expert facilitator to set the stage and kick-start discussions. Participants take it from there, asking questions, sharing experiences, and taking the topic where they’d like to see it go. As a participant, you have two tracks available to you, a strategic track and a tactical track. The strategic track focuses on high-level topics and will tend to be future-looking whereas the tactical focuses on details and work you can do now. Main topics: Ethics in WordPress Hosting PHP Versions Malware Technology Explorations Integrations Contribution Bundling Serverless Suprise topic Lightning Talks 1st batch of facilitators: Jonathan Wold—Ecosystem Consultant, Formerly VP of Strategy at XWP Miriam Schwab—co-Founder & CEO Strattic Călin Don—CTO @ Presslabs Kevin Ohashi—CEO @ ReviewSignal More details to be announced soon on  Entfernen oder Ereignis zu aktualisieren