Horde Of The Dead Fest

Tim Pardue, You Pick It We Stick It Tattoo & Piercings, The Texas Metal Show, & BFE Rock Club present: The Horde Of The Dead Fest at BFE Rock Club w/ Special guests : Baptized by Fire (Houston, TX) Horde Casket (Oklahoma) Toluca SATX(San Antonio, TX) Brutally Mutilated TX (Houston, TX) Beaten and Butchered (Austin? Victoria? TEXAS) Perceptions of Torment (Mississippi) Cheese Grater Masturbation (SanAntonio, TX) Chemicaust(DFW, TX) INSECTS (Houston, TX) Hacked To Pieces (Houston, TX) Putrid Womb (Livingston, TX) Black Thorn Halo ( Austin, TX) B.A.M.H. (Birth At The Massacres House!!!!) (B/CS, TX) ******* Pandemic (Houston, TX) Envy The Dead (Houston, TX) Thy Kingdom Denied (Houston, TX) Flesh Hoarder (Austin/San Antonio) Viral Infestation (Victoria, TX) *** Set Times TBA *** VENDORS! DIRTY COAST Skateboards – Dirty Coast Productions (Juan Gonzalez) ( Joseph Rodriguez) – (Blanca de Santiago) !!MORE TBA!! *****BANDS, I AM LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO OPEN & CLOSE THE SHOW, OTHERWISE EVERYTHING WILL LITERALLY BE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED***** *** Only the inside stage will be back-lined, this will include one 4 piece drum kit ( 3 toms & a bass drum, cymbal stands ), one 8×10 bass cab, & one guitar cab. You will need to bring snare, cymbals, pedals, sticks, guitar/bass, guitar head/bass head ,cables, picks, etc. At this time I do not have a back-line setup for the outside stage. *** Stage 1 (inside) 530-6 620-650 710-740 8-830 850-910 930-10 1020-1050 1110-1140 12-1230 1250-Close Stage 2 (outside) 5-530 550-610 630-7 720-750 810-840 9-930 950-1010 1030-11 Genocide Designs PRE-SALE, DISCOUNT TICKETS!! 21+ $11 Pre-sale; $15 at door minors – $14 pre-sale; $18 at door SAVE MONEY BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY 18 bands on 2 stages! 7 vendors! ice cold drinks! The bar has food! Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms